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Editable PowerPoint US Map Template Kit. PowerPoint US Maps, State Maps, County Maps, Markers, Templates and Slides for Presentations and more.

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Fully Editable PowerPoint USA and State Map Templates with City and County Names!

The editable PowerPoint US Map Templates created by PremiumSlides.com deliver a fast professional result. This is the most all-inclusive kit you can get. Watch it! It's that easy!
This ultimate US Map kit includes:

  • USA Map Templates
  • All County Map Templates
  • City and Country names
  • 78 Markers & Pointers
  • PowerPoint 2007-2011
  • Excel Micro Charts

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Quick Facts

Fully Editable USA Maps

The PowerPoint USA Map Templates are fully editable in size and color.

60 Markers and Pointers

Highlight specific locations with more than 78 markers and pointers.

Excel Micro Charts

Show sales and margin trends of several countries in the excel based micro charts.

50 State Maps

Map versions of all 50 states are included. State Maps are organized by most important cities, counties and blank version.

How to Guide

The powerful How to Guide shows how to create customized maps for your presentations.

Capitals and Cities

All state maps show tags of state, county, capital and most important cities.

174 PowerPoint Slides with Editable US Maps

US Map Special Kit! Value: $1547!

Fully Editable Maps

The highly detailed PowerPoint US Maps and State Maps are fully editable in size and color. Every county can be extracted or highlighted. For your convenience many sample maps are already included. They show you how to present your data the right way.

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Cities & Capitals

All state maps of USA are included. All counties of a state can be colorized or extracted. The us state maps show tags of counties, capital and most important cities. All elements are grouped so it is easy to show and hide them.

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50 States

All 50 States of the United States of America are included. They are organized by state and county. You can easily extract, colorize or highlight a county. All counties have name tags. This gives you the opportunity to have a closer look at specific regions.

PowerPoint Continents
Micro Charts

Excel Micro Charts

What do you want to show on your US Maps most of the time? Trends! This is exactly why this kit is upgraded with Excel Micro Chart Templates. These little charts show trends and sales of your states or counties in bar, line or pie charts. Just add your data and you are done.

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78 Markers

You see them on Google Maps and in magazines every day. Professional markers and pointers on maps. Now you can show regional offices, travel routes or upcoming target markets. The 78 markers will help your to highlight specific locations. All markers are fully editable in size and color as well. US Flag Makers are also included.

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Marker Set
Microsoft Office PowerPoint

MS-Office 2007-11

The Ultimate US Map Kit is optimized for PowerPoint 2007-2010 and even PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.
A US map pptx presentation format is included for maximum PowerPoint features.

How to Guide

This big package does not stop! You'll never stand alone. The premium How to Guide in pdf format shows you how to create your custom maps easily.

PowerPoint Map How to Guide
PowerPoint Selection List

Selection List

For your convenience the maps of USA (not state maps) are upgraded with an alphabetical sorted selection list. So you can select your states through your selection pane and colorize them with just one click. Watch Video to see how easy it is!

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  • You do not have to pay extra money for state selection list! The alphabetically sorted selection list for PowerPoint maps works awesome!
  • You are not being charged extra money for the 78 Markers. Show any location, route or target on your PowerPoint maps.
  • Add your own data in micro charts with just one click. No styling, no new skills required. Everything is based on standard Excel!
  • You will never stand alone! The extensive How to Guide helps you to create even better and nicer PowerPoint maps every day!
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